About us

Two of the first prototypes

Hogball was created on the belief that wild hogs are not just a nuisance but a resource.  When hunters are given an affordable tool to harvest that resource, the nuisance is controlled.

Hunting is a passion for me, but hunting hogs is more than that.  I don't hunt hogs for a trophy or a season.  I hunt hogs to protect the land and put meat on the table.  I hunt hogs for those moments when friends can't believe the best burger they've ever had is wild hog.  I hunt hogs because I can harvest them how, when, and where I need.

My dad taught me how to hunt at my uncle's ranch growing up, and he taught me how to build everything from feeders to flats fishing boats in his shop.  It's at these places that we experimented with baiting for hogs that were becoming more and more elusive as we hunted.  I learned how hogs operate, what drives them, and how to bring them in.  As the hog population exploded across the country, I realized more hunters could benefit from what we had learned and continue to learn.

We have been making and hunting Hogball prototypes for years with the production design being created in the Fall of 2016.  Sales started in the Spring of 2017.  Hogballs are designed, tested, and made here in Texas.

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Be safe, have fun, protect your land, and put meat on the table!

-Cullen Vance