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How many Hogballs should I get for my ranch?:  We recommend one Hogball per 50 acres.  Each Hogball starts a chain reaction of hogs learning and competing for time at the Hogballs.  With more Hogballs, new hogs always have hogs to learn from even when you are putting them in the cooler everyday.
Can I put more than 100 pounds of dry deer corn into the compartment?:  No, there will be empty space with 100 lbs of dry deer corn, but this space allows the corn to dispense from the cornholes and allows the counterweight to keep the Hogball rocking in place and not rolling away.
What can I use for counterweight?:  We recommend small rocks or gravel.  It's easy to fill and they make a lot of noise.  The noise primarily does two things: alerts other hogs and temporarily tricks hogs into thinking an empty Hogball still has corn to dispense.
What can I use as bait in the Hogball?:  The Hogball is designed to be filled with up to 100 lbs of dry deer corn.  Deer corn is cleaned, polished, and has a consistent kernel size.  Normal feed corn is dirty and inconsistent in size.
Should I tie the Hogball down or leash it?:  No, the counterweight replaces the need for securing the Hogball.  If your Hogball is being moved more than you would like, add more rocks to the counterweight or shoot the huge boar that is doing it! 
How long do hogs stay at the Hogball?  Hogs average 2 hours at the Hogball per visit.  The visits range from 1 hour to well over 6 hours.  Larger boars may remain next to a Hogball for days.
What do I do if hogs aren't coming to my Hogball?:  Check out our How-To page and make sure you are set up correctly.  If hogs aren't coming to the Hogball after a month, move the Hogball to a trail actively traveled by hogs.
Can the Hogball be rained on?:  Yes.  Rain drops have to fall almost directly into a cornhole for water to get in.  In the sun, the Hogball heats up and any moisture evaporates.  Our Hogballs have made it through the worst of Texas rains without damaging any of the deer corn or dry attractants.