Hogball® Diagram:

Standard Hogball® Setup:

Hogball Placement
The closer you place the Hogball to an actively traveled area, the better.  In the above picture, we have the Hogball on a trail, next to new hog ruts, and feet from a water source.
Night Hunters:  place in open areas that you can sneak up on from multiple directions to remain downwind.
Day Hunters: place in covered areas where you can hide within shooting distance.  Hogs will frequent the Hogball during the day most often in covered areas.
Pour at least 40 lbs of gravel or rocks into the counterweight compartment.  It will be at least 2/3 full. TIP:  take the cap off to keep the Hogball more stable.
Dry Deer Corn:
Dry Deer Corn
Pour 50 or 100 lbs of DRY DEER CORN into the corn compartment.  
50 lbs:  the Hogball is easier to operate so feeding durations will be longer; less aggressive and smaller hogs will come to it more frequently.
100 lbs:  the corn will last for at least one month of baiting.
DO NOT use feed corn; the kernels are dirty and inconsistent in size.
Hog Attractants:
Dry Hog Attractant
Using hog attractants will accelerate the hogs finding and using the Hogball for the first time.  We recommend using Rack-Getter food polymers for DEER.  They slowly release the scents and flavors into the corn and air for up to a month!
Baiting:  Place 2 pounds of the deer corn under the Hogball when you set it up and each time you check on the Hogball until there are signs the hogs are hitting it:  tusk marks, nose smudges, Hogball has moved or is tilted, or corn has decreased.  From then on, it is good to randomly put a pound or so of corn under the Hogball for new hogs and a random bonus for the veterans.

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    Things to try:

    The Hogball was built to be a versatile baiting station for the most innovative hunters out there, hog hunters.  We encourage you to test things out and email us how things worked.

    1. More or less rocks in the counterweight compartment:  this will effect how much deer corn is dispensed and how far the hogs are able to move the Hogball.  If you do less than 40 pounds of rocks, put some tennis balls in with the rocks to take up the empty space.  Without the tennis balls, the rocks will slosh around too much and not act as a counterweight.
    2. Different feed mixes:  the Hogball was designed for use with dry deer corn, but other feeds may work, such as soy beans.  Test them out and let us know!
    3. Game cameras:  game cameras are excellent for targeting hogs.  Typically, the hogs schedule will remain the same for a few days in a row.

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