Hogball Cap

Hogball Cap

A non-vented cap for the Hogball.  If you need to replace or customize the cap, these are here for you to do so. 

Customize? What do you mean?  We have had a few customers attach cowbells to the underside of the cap.  The hogs knock it around, associate the bell with corn or competition, and now you have hogs that will come running to a cowbell.  We think this is awesome and want to encourage innovation like this.

Another idea you say?  Attach a canister to the underside of the cap, drill a hole in the cap and insert a scent wick, fill the bottle with scent and have an added scent attractant for weeks.

These ideas are why we are selling the caps at slightly less than our cost to get them to you, shipping and handling included.  We want to support and encourage innovation like this.