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"We refer to the Hogball as a feeder, but no hog would say they got a meal at one.  The 5 or so kernels and attractant that is dispensed with each hit is enough to entertain them and make them compete.  We say the 100 pounds of deer corn lasts at least a month, and we mean it.  Don't be surprised when the 100 pounds lasts much longer through day and night visits from dozens of hogs."  -Vance
The Hogball ® is a fortress standing between the hogs and the deer corn and dry attractant.  The thick roto-molded polyethylene construction takes a beating from hogs as they compete for small amounts of corn.  The design keeps the hogs entertained and forces them to compete.  The competition keeps them coming day and night.  You will appreciate the transportability and easy filling.  When hogs are your target, the Hogball will deliver.
Livestock friendly: there isn’t a leash or stake for them to hurt themselves on.
Large corn capacity:  when hogs work for each kernel, 100 pounds of dry deer corn lasts for at least one month of constant hog visits.
Varmint proof:  the Hogball is a hog and hog only feeder.
Counterweighted:  uses rocks and gravel to keep the Hogball within a few yard radius.
Shooting opportunity:  by making the hogs compete for the Hogball, it breaks up the large sounders into smaller groups.  Instead of one opportunity to shoot at 30 hogs, you get 6 opportunities to shoot at 5 hogs!
Discourages digging:  the hogs are focused on the Hogball to get more corn.
Targeted hunting:  fence off your deer feeders, place your Hogballs outside, and enjoy undisturbed targeted hunting.
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Diameter: 24"
Empty Weight: 18 lbs
All sales are final:  There is no warranty or returns on any of our products.  The Hogball is overbuilt to ensure that it will last for years to come.  If you have any manufacturer defects or problems with any of our products, email me at vance@hogball.com, and I will make it right.
Wondering how many Hogballs you should get?  We recommend one Hogball per 50 acres.  Each Hogball starts a chain reaction of hogs learning and competing for time at the Hogballs.  With more Hogballs, new hogs always have hogs to learn from even when you are putting them in the cooler everyday.
From 9/6/2017 to 9/22/2017, all profits will be donated to charity in support of immediate relief and rebuilding from #HurricaneHarvey#TexasStrong 
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